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SALT makes it outrageously simple for Independent Agents to begin accepting digital applications, so you can finally cut down on handwritten notes and 45-minute phone calls.

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Zero-Touch Data Collection

SALT's powerful and user-friendly form finally provides you a way to attain all the information you'll need to provide quotes to your customers. All without you having to ask them a single question yourself.

Gone are the days of hastily writing information on a cocktail napkin, or spending your whole day on the phone. Simply share a link with your prospect and our form will handle the rest.

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What your prospects are thinking but may not be telling you...
“I want to get some quotes, but I don’t have time to call or make an appointment”
“I want to do it on my own time and on my own couch.”
“I want to do business locally and I want an agent, but there has to be a better way!

Integrated with the leading rating engines

Stop wasting time lost in data entry. SALT's rating engine integrations automatically sync your prospect's data directly to your rater.

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Everything you need to collect data faster

SALT removes the need for double data entry, lengthy phone calls, and endless emails, allowing your team to focus on selling insurance.

White Label

Keep your agency in the spotlight with the custom-branded, ready-to-share forms built for the next generation of buyers.

Coverage Recommendations

Set custom coverage recommendations for each line of business to ensure you're helping prospects remain covered.


Have many locations spread across the nation? SALT can help your team keep things organized regardless of your size!

Lead Management

Capture data for all prospects, even those that don't finish a form. With SALT, you can keep your sales funnels full.

Big Data Pre-fill

Data pre-fill provides an unparalleled customer experience, removing the pain of finding VINs and property square footage.

Always Your Data

SALT exists to help you succeed. Your data is yours; export any and all of your prospect info whenever you need.


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Acquiring data for insurance applications doesn't have to be a chore!

There is a better way and it’s what your prospects are asking for.