How Tech Improves the Insurance Experience for Customers and Agents Alike

For years, the insurance industry relied on face-to-face communication, networking with potential clients to convey a personal touch and level of trust. On its own, being a business based on relationships is not inherently bad, but it has led to some in the field falling behind technologically. Now, with many people discovering that a remote environment not only suits their needs but is essential for business, it’s vital for insurance to keep up.

As technology has bloomed within the past few decades, industries have evolved, often in extraordinary ways. The same can be true for the insurance field. While insurance is largely based on human connection and it can be daunting to use tools that could hurt that element, technology actually improves that connection – instead of reducing it. Here are some of the ways that technology can help agents accomplish their goals.

Increase Efficiency Across the Board

With an adaptable, easy-to-use technology on your team, your efficiency can increase dramatically. Digital systems remove some of the most mundane, frustrating aspects of the insurance agency, helping to increase the speed and accuracy of data entry and allowing agents to focus on actually listening to and helping the customer with their needs.

Many in the insurance industry strongly prefer the way they’ve always done things – with a pen and paper (or cocktail napkin) and stacks of files – but adopting new programs and systems does not mean burning down everything that worked before. Instead, it allows agents to do their job more accurately and efficiently.

Effectively Capture More Leads

Using pen and paper and traditional methods often means missing out on critical information from a prospect, which may not seem like a huge problem – you could always call them to verify – but by the time you get in touch, the lead is gone, having chosen someone who got back to them faster and with a detailed quote.

Traditionally, there are a number of people who could meet with or interact with a new lead, each with their own agenda. Some just want the sale at all costs, meaning they will prioritize getting contact information but not much else; others, like customer service representatives, are focused on making sure they don’t miss anything, and will often ask fewer follow-up questions.

With improved techniques based around modern technology like SALT, you can shift the burden away from the person asking questions and gathering information, allowing customized forms to do the work for you. That way, you can get quality data without having to go through the monotonous process of asking the same thing over and over again.

Improve Accountability and Protection

Independent agents typically take notes while talking to potential clients, which becomes a PDF document that is input into a rating system and finally arrives at a carrier system. These are four different steps before customers get a quote. Not only is this model time consuming, but it’s also more prone to error.

With technology like SALT’s customizable forms, the onus is on the client to enter their information and not the agent, therefore ensuring every detail gets captured. This means that if something is wrong or incorrect, the client is the one liable for the mistake – not the agent. This creates invaluable protection for agents.

Reduce Fatigue and Keep Agents Energetic

Agents are “people” people. Many of them got into this field because of a passion for not only helping but interacting with fellow human beings. With old methods, many agents spent a large portion of their time asking the same questions – Do you have a pool? Is there a fence around the pool? – which gets old quickly, leading to unnecessary fatigue.

While veterans of the insurance field see the industry as one of sitting down with people and relating to them, the reality is that, while the customer of today absolutely still wants an agent who can advocate for them, they don’t want the experience of a used car salesman, asking boring questions they would probably rather answer on the computer or smartphone.

The Bottom Line

In the end, many of the biggest fears and hesitations about adopting new technology to the insurance industry – that it would reduce human connection or cause confusion – are not entirely based on accuracy. While there are plenty of different programs and software that have many different functions, SALT is simple.

With SALT, you can create custom forms that your potential clients fill out with ease. Not only does this allow them to skip the mundane “car salesman” part of their communication with an agent, but it also demonstrates a respect for their time, as they can complete it when they’re ready. It also increases efficiency, accountability, and reduces fatigue, giving independent agents the freedom to focus on helping their clients, instead of getting bogged down gathering and inputting information.

If you’re interested in getting rid of some of the most mundane, time consuming elements of gathering customer information so you can focus on their needs, you can try SALT for free today when you create an account!

If you’re interested in getting rid of some of the most mundane, time consuming elements of gathering customer information so you can focus on their needs, you can try SALT for free today when you create an account! Create an account