How Insurance Agents Can Innovate Without Losing Productivity

Everyone, insurance agent or not, wants the same things: new business, connecting with customers, and increased revenue. For independent agents, these are even more challenging right now, as more and more people are hesitant to meet in person and would prefer digital ways to do business.

That might mean it’s time for you to find new ways to meet your audience where they are. We know, we know. You’d much rather spend your time focused on your clients and potential customers – and rightfully so! But it doesn’t have to eat up huge chunks of time to modernize your processes and stay ahead of the curve. The key is to find balance between the small and big picture.

Day-to-Day Operations

Finding the time to research new technologies is probably the biggest challenge when it comes to innovation. Nobody wants to go through the legwork of adopting all these new technologies if it’s going to get in the way of their “actual” work, like meeting with clients and actually helping people.

Still, the big picture will have to become at least something of a priority if you’re looking to evolve. You can start by reviewing your current routine to see if there’s even a little bit of time you could spend researching new ways of doing business.

Think Bigger

As you look into new apps and fancy software, always be asking yourself: Is this going to make my life easier. And if so, how?

A good entrepreneur aims to see things differently by implementing systems that improve efficiency without hindering your daily work. Some examples of questions you should ask before committing to new programs are:

Instead of doing specific research, you could also get a demo of new products you’re considering. For example, we can show you how SALT can save you time and money firsthand.

Small Bites of Big Problems

Quick fixes are awesome; they’re quick and they fix things. What’s not to love? Sadly, many issues agents run into are more complex and require more thought to solve. That’s why we recommend taking small bites, doing as much preparation as possible beforehand to give you breathing room as you go.

Technology isn’t going to stop growing faster. The pace of your work and life in general are going to continue to increase, and customers prioritize that speed. They want solutions remotely in a way that makes sense for them. For many of the biggest companies that we consider “successful,” simplicity is one of the driving factors of their success. Technology gives you that simplicity.

While many are hesitant to innovate in the insurance industry, those who adopt new technology first will come out ahead. The question is, how can you take advantage of everything out there to make sure you maximize your opportunities? With SALT, you can remove the mundane elements of your day – such as manually entering basic, repetitive data – to prioritize your customers and their needs. If you’re ready to get started, you can try SALT for free today by creating an account! Create an account