Why Your Insurance Data Collection Method is Losing You Lead

Independent insurance agents need to close more deals and grow their book of business. The problem is, too many agents are losing leads and customers every day because of their data collection methods. If you’re nodding your head, you may be feeling exhausted, burned out, and a little embarrassed. At SALT, we know there is a better way to feel proud of your process, increase your capacity, and grow your book of business. But first, let’s dive into the question at hand:

Why is your current data collection method losing you leads right now?

1. You’re still operating in a face-to-face mindset.

If you’re used to gathering home and auto info the old-fashioned way — through in-person Q&A or lunch meetings — you’re most likely experiencing pain in this new era. Consumers want and need a convenient digital insurance application process, and if you don’t have a good system in place, you’ll be missing out on leads.

Self-reported data couldn’t be better timed given our current face-to-face restriction with social distancing measures. It also represents close to 60% time savings in your agency’s quoting process and a big leg up with E&O liability.

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2. You’re not offering a personalized online experience.

Afraid of what happens when consumers submit an insurance form alone? Your leads will not drop off if you offer a customized, personal experience. You shine as an independent agent because you’re there for your clients and you can guide them through the complexity of insurance. You need digital solutions that offer this same experience in the digital space.

Don’t worry! Guiding users through the insurance application and making complicated parts of insurance easy to understand is where SALT shines! Set your form up to give crucial coverage recommendations, advising your client in the places they need help the most.

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3. You haven’t shifted to a mobile-first mindset.

Companies that can’t make the shift to creating a mobile-first customer experience are increasingly at risk. Over 70% of internet usage happens on mobile devices. Does your company have a way for people to submit an application from their sofa? When you can confidently point your leads to an easy to use form, as their very first step, you’ll convert more of your leads to customers.

We’ve Got the Solution

OK, those were the issues that could be holding your business back. But, the exciting news is, you don’t need to keep using time-consuming processes that ultimately cost you leads. Stop feeling exhausted and burned-out and start feeling proud of your process, with SALT. Getting started has never been easier. We’re offering a webinar exclusive to answer all your questions.

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