3 Essential Things for Your Insurance Agency Website

Don’t get overwhelmed trying to think of everything that could go into your website. Too often, agents get lost in the design and forget about the function. To help you keep your eye on what matters most, we’ve compiled a list of elements your website should have to make sure you’re smashing your goals.

The Call to Action Button

To put it simply, a call to action (CTA) is whatever you want the reader of your website to do. Want them to contact you? Request a quote? This would be your direct call to action.

For potential customers, it’s important to make this call to action as prominent and easy to follow through on as possible. That’s why a clickable button in the top right corner of your website encouraging them to do that action is an important element in bringing in a potential customer through your website.

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The Hero Banner

In web design, a hero banner is a bold, oversized image that draws the visitor’s attention immediately. A hero banner is important because it’s the first thing your potential customer will see when your page loads.

Since it’s the first thing they’ll see and notice, make sure your CTA is also included in the hero banner. When the image draws the eye, they will then be immediately called to contact you or request that quote you want to give them.\

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Repeat, Repeat, Repeat

Before your website visitor leaves the site, you want them to do something that will help them reach out to you as a possible lead in insurance sales. That means you have to repeat the call to action in multiple ways and in multiple places.

Have they missed the clickable button at the top of the page after scrolling? Give them another button to click further down the page as they read. Let them know multiple times in multiple ways to contact you so that they can easily provide you with their information.

Find a Way to Collect Information

But what’s the #1 essential element your insurance website should contain? An easier way to gather a potential client’s information than ever before. With SALT, you can customize a brandable application form and link to it through that direct CTA on your website. Your customers can then fill out that easy, mobile-friendly form and provide you with the information you need to follow up.

Incorporate your application form anywhere on your website, email marketing, social media or by sharing a customized URL. Simple and sleek, these applications offer a better, more efficient way to get all the information you need to contact a potential client.

With SALT, you’ll be able to easily take your insurance agency from the cocktail napkin to the cloud. For a free demonstration to see how SALT can transform your insurance team and make them more efficient, sign up to try SALT for free to see how it can make your life easier.

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