How Technology Can Help You Retain Your Team

The insurance industry is, like most other industries, increasingly going digital as the world moves more and more online. According to a recent Providence Bank Agency Finance survey, 86% of insurance agents agree that digital technology is vital to helping their insurance agency grow. However, 76% feel that they are not getting the most out of their digital technology.

Embracing technology as an insurance agency has more advantages than simply keeping up with the competition. Technology gives your team tools to make their jobs not only easier but more efficient. Here we show you the top three ways technology can help your team and make them want to stay with your agency.

Technology Saves Agent Time

Let’s face it - being an insurance agent comes with its fair amount of repetitive and manual tasks (read: paperwork, paperwork, paperwork) which takes you away from the thing you got into the field to do: selling insurance.

Technology can help you get back to that focus. By using technology to automate certain tasks like lead generation, application approvals, policy renewals, and all the data entry that these tasks involve, you’re not only making it more convenient for your customer by giving them access to your services at their fingertips, but you are saving yourself the time you would spend on data entry and paper pushing.

Automating the process puts you back where you belong: building customer relationships and communicating the values of your agency.

Technology Improves Your Data

Data is the backbone of the insurance industry. However, it’s a fact of life that data in any system is only as good as the person who entered it. After all, that’s why Errors and Omissions (E&O) insurance exists.

To put it simply, when a human is inputting data, there are going to be errors. And in the insurance game, these errors could be costly to your agency. For example, just a simple misspelling of a name could cost an agency money, not to mention the loss of reputation in the community if they happen frequently.

Technology can help agencies avoid costly errors and maintain a good reputation all of which draws good agents to the team.

Technology Brings You Up to Date

You might not be a big international agency with thousands of team members, but you are now in a position where you have to compete with those who are. The best way to compete in the crowded marketplace is to give customers a lot of the amenities they have come to expect. In other words, you need to give customers easy and convenient access to their policies, their information, and their agent through technology.

The days of having stacks of post-its on your desk with information to enter somewhere are over. The right technology will push your agency into the 21st century, making your agency someone who can compete with “the big dogs” and offer your customers the same level of satisfaction and convenience as everyone else.

When it comes to bringing your agency into the 21st century, there’s really no better program to help you along the way than SALT. SALT was developed by insurance agents in collaboration with program designers meaning you will get the functionality you need in a sleek program combined with the expertise of what you need in the insurance field. With SALT, you’ll be able to attract and retain the top agents to your team and usher in a whole new era for your agency.

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